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Recipes with Pizza Dough

Fried Breads with Feta cheese and peppermint
INGREDIENTS: (for 16 pieces)
1 package Pizza Dough KANAKI 650g
300 gr. hard Feta cheese, crumbled
4 tbsp. fresh peppermint, finely chopped (or 2 tsp. dried mint)
olive oil for frying
fresh pepper
Stir the cheese with mint and a little freshly ground pepper. Make the frying pan as directed and fry the frying pan in oil that you have warmed on medium heat (the oil must not be hot to prevent deep frying of your frying pan). When they become golden, take them on kitchen towels to drain. Serve hot.
For making Fried Breads:
tiganopsoma 1.jpg
1. Cut the Pizza crust, in its protecting film, in 4 vertical strips. Cut each strip into 4 pieces.
tiganopsoma 2.jpg
2. With your hands, gently stretch each piece of dough to widen it.
tiganopsoma 3.jpg
3. Place 1 spoonful of the filling in each pastry sheet. Bring the four edges together and press downwith your hand, to form a disc approx. 5 cm in diameter.
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