Recipes with Pizza Dough

Mini Peinirli with Edam & Kefalotyri cheese
INGREDIENTS: (16 mini peinirli)
1 package Pizza Dough KANAKI 650g
160 gr. grated Kefalotyri cheese
160 gr. grated Edam cheese
1 egg
Stir the egg. Add the cheeses and pepper. Mix well. Spoon a full teaspoon of filling on each mini peinirli. Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes on the middle shelf of the oven. When baked, brush them with butter for an even richer flavour
For making Mini Peinirli:
1. Place the dough on your work surface, inside its protecting film. Cut it in 4 vertical strips and then into 4 horizontal ones.
2. Fill each small rectangle with the filling.
3. Lift the dough and pinch both edges to shape the Mini Peinirli. Slightly moisten the edges with a little milk to stick.
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