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KANAKI recipes

Recipes for all your favorite KANAKI products

About us


The story of the KANAKI products begins in a small plant of Filo and Kataifi in Kamatero, Attica in 1980. In 1988, that small plant was purchased by the I. Filippou Group of Companies. At that time, the company was producing Kataifi and Filo pastries in a rented space in Kamatero, with a total surface area of 800 m2, it employed 80 people and its turnover amounted to 800,000,000 Greek Drachmas (2,350,000 Euros), of which 90% came from its two main products, while over 50% of the company's sales pertained to bulk products.

By 1993, the company had fully relocated to its new privately-owned plant located on 30,000 m2  of land in Magoula, Attica. The plant has 11,000 m2 of production areas and 2,200 m2 of office space. Its design was based on the food industry’s most modern health and safety requirements. Moreover, the plant meets the food industry standards set by both Greek and EU legislation. All production areas are air-conditioned and incoming air passes through absolute filters (more details can be found in the Quality Assurance section).

At the new plant, new value added product groups have been added to the range of original products. Appetizers, frozen pizza, a little later, Pies and Mini Twisters, and more recently the Mini Calzone, Mini Hot Dogs and Mini Pizza are only some of the KANAKI product families so loved by Greek households, which have brought KANAKI products to the top of the Greek consumers preferences for so many years.

All KANAKI products are marketed by Hellenic Quality Foods (HQF). HQF is one of the largest Greek food companies in Greece; it produces and distributes KANAKI Pastry Products and MIMIKOS fresh chickens in Greece and abroad.  HQF belongs to the I. Filippou Group. The modern production plant of the KANAKI Pastry Products is located in Magoula, Attica. For more information about HQF follow the link.

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