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Recipes with Country Style

Filo Pastry

Pie with leeks, minced meat & Gruyère cheese
INGREDIENTS: (for a tin approximately 30 x 40 centimeters)
1 package Country Style Filo pastry KANAKI 650g
750 gr. leeks
750 gr. onions
600 gr. minced beef
5 eggs
2 cups evaporated milk or low fat crème fraîche
150 gr. grated Gruyère cheese
1 tsp. allspice powder
½ bunch finely chopped parsley
olive oil
salt, pepper
Peel and cut the onions and leeks into thin slices. Heat 1/3 cup of olive oil and sauté the minced beef over a high heat. Stir continuously to break the lumps. Let it cook for a few minutes, and then add the leeks and onions, spices, salt and pepper. Cover the saucepan with its lid, lower the heat and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes until the leeks and onions are soft. Stir regularly and, if the mixture dries, add a little water to prevent sticking. When cooked, empty into a strainer to drain and let it cool. In a bowl, blend the meat mixture with the Gruy?re cheese, 4 eggs, milk or crème fraîche and parsley. Make the pie following the instructions. Bake the pie in a preheated oven at 200 C for 45-50 minutes, on the lower shelf of the oven. When baked, allow the pie to cool for 20 minutes before serving.
For making Pie in a Rectangular Baking Tin (with a braid):
1. Brush the bottom and inner sides of the tin liberally with olive oil. Lay half the pastry sheets on the bottom of the tin, brushing each one with olive oil.
2. Pour the filling over the pastry sheets and don't fold the overhanging pieces of pastry over the filling. Cover the filling with the remaining pastry sheets, brushing each one with olive oil.
3. Neatly roll the overhanging pieces of pastry under the rim of the tin, slightly twisting them. Using a sharp knife cut the surface of the pie into portions. Lightly beat an egg and brush the last pastry sheet.
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